The state-of-the-art FRnD process is designed to develop various kinds of oral dosage forms like capsules and tablets (single and bi-layered) as well as uncoated, coated, dispersible, sustained, delayed release and sublingual formulations. Our FRnD is a miniature form of the production department, comprising processes ranging from capsulation and granulation to compression, coating and packing. It is also fully-equipped to handle various formulation processes like direct compression as well as aqueous and non-aqueous granulation. It is fully supported by an exclusive sophisticated Analytical Research and Developmental (ARnD) lab.


  • Advanced GMP-compliant equipment to handle both aqueous and solvent-based processes
  • Commensurate RMG and blending to suit the batch and lot sizes
  • Automated and PLC based fluid bed dryer
  • Capacity range from 1 kg to 5 kg for lab development
  • Capable to handle Low RH products  development

Compression & Encapsulation

  • Mini tablet press with 8 stations
  • Added advantage of D tooling
  • Capable of handling both single and bi-layered tablets
  • Ability to deliver punches of customised sizes
  • Lab model encapsulation equipment designed for all sizes: 0, 1, 2 and 3

Coating & Packing

  • Auto-coater with perforated pan principle
  • Interchangeable pan with capacity range from 0.5 kg to 3.0 kg
  • Designed for all types of coating, sugar, film and enteric coating
  • Exclusive lab model blister packing with cam mechanism for flat forming, sealing and punching
  • Designed to pack all customised punches and sizes
  • Capable of handling a complete range of packing requirements
  • Alu/alu blister pack with PVC-PVDC, aluminium strips and HDPE packing for stability studies


  • Warehouse is designed to store raw materials and packing materials and finished goods in a suitable temperature and humidity as per CGMP international regulatory norms.
  • Materials are stored in racks system and are handled by stackers and Hoists.
  • Sampling and dispensing activities are carried out in classified area under class 100 environment under RLAF.
  • Storing of solvents in dedicated flameproof area is in place.
  • Dedicated areas for controlled temperature and relative humidity separately for the actives and in-actives
  • Well defined Personnel & Material movement.
  • Adequate airlocks between different zones.
  • Primary and secondary change of linen for accessing production modules.
  • Dedicated AHUs for process and packing area.
  • Manufacturing areas are classified as ISO class 8 (class 100,000) with HEPA filters.
  • Capable to handle Low RH products in below 25°C and below 25% RH from process t packing
  • Flame proof area and equipment for solvent process.
  • Materials handling by lifting devices.
  • Dust extraction systems for air contaminants.
  • Deep-rooted documentation practice.
  • Ensured GMP concept.